So, you’re cruising down the highway at exactly 67 miles per hour and all of a sudden….pop, crack, boom! What the heck was that? Well, friend, you’ve just received your very own windshield chip from a stray rock, courtesy of the semi driver who just blew by you like you were standing still.

After you control your desire to commit road rage, take a deep breath, pull over and get out to assess the damage. The last thing you need is to keep driving if your windshield is beyond repair. You’ll need to immediately call for a tow to get back to your destination safely.

But (there’s always a but) all hope of getting out of this quickly and cheaply is not lost. With advancements in windshield materials and strength, it’s quite possible to get a chipped windshield repaired without having to totally replace the glass.

Your best bet is to call around to different auto glass repair shops to determine, first of all, if your windshield is repairable. Some businesses can actually repair a crack up to nearly a foot long.

Where the crack or chip is will largely determine if it will need completely replaced. If your crack is near the edge of the glass, you’ll probably end up having to replace it entirely as the structural foundation of the glass has been compromised. Additionally, if the damage is directly in your line of vision, you should always replace the windshield.

The Clock Is Ticking

Craked Windshield In Colorado SpringsTiming is of the essence as minor damage can quickly turn into major damage if you wait to long to repair. So assess the situation quickly, and determine your plan of action. Dirt and debris can get into the crack, making it nearly impossible to repair, so move fast if you want to save some cash.

Obviously, it is much less expensive to repair a windshield than to completely replace it, which could cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars. On average, the cost to completely replace a windshield (depending on the size of the vehicle) is roughly $350-$400, but could go as high as $1,000 to replace a truck windshield.

Depending on the extent of the damage, a minor repair job is drastically cheaper and will probably cost you under $100. Even with the cost difference, it’s highly advised that you don’t pinch pennies and repair your windshield when it should obviously be replaced.

Damaged windshields are extremely hazardous to not only you, but any passengers that are in your vehicle. If you do opt to replace your windshield, many people opt to do the labor themselves to save money. You should only consider this if you’re mechanically inclined.

Safety when you’re driving is paramount and more important than any repair bill. Additionally, a professional auto glass installation business will ensure that your new windshield fits snugly and keeps all debris and moisture out.

In cases of windshield replacement, Colorado Springs natives should be sure to contact their insurance carrier first to see if the damage and replacement is covered.